Embracing YOUR Individual Therapy

What Happens in Therapy?

I employ a client-centered treatment philosophy. There are three fundamental processes that serves as pillars for treatment. The fashion in which the therapeutic process unfolds, greatly depends on the patient’s needs.

1) Developing trust by developing a “therapeutic alliance/partnership” in which goals for treatment are clearly defined and mutually agreed upon.

2) The “working through” process is the most challenging and yet the most rewarding phase because it is the defining or redefining of yourself. In this space, the emphasis is on resolving conflicts/anguish and how they have been manifested through your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I believe that there is are “logical” reasons for all behaviors and if understood, it can lead to insight and healthy change.

3) Termination process helps patient and clinician to evaluate treatment progress of patient’s personal growth and maturation.

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