Psychotherapist Versus Life Coach: What’s the Difference?

Life Coach versus Psychotherapist

What is the difference between a life coach and a psychotherapist? I have been asked this question numerous times, so let me take the time to clarify this point.

Life Coach

Life coach, personal development coach, career coach, business coach or many other subdivisions is a partnership between a client and a coach to successfully work on meeting an identified goal determined by the client. Well! That was a mouthful.

Coaching is not therapy, however; the coach can use the foundational communication and listening skills to mentor the client. The coach’s educational preparation is not as extensive. Programs vary from a 3 day weekend to 6 -12 months of course work. Coaches utilize their coursework coupled with practical life and employment experience to partner with their clients.

Clinical Psychologists

Compare that to a masters-level therapist, with 2-3 years graduate degree, or a clinical psychologist, with 5-7 years graduate degree.
As a licensed clinical psychologist, I have had extensive formal education, including several years of clinical supervision and work experiences that have equipped me to handle a variety of issues of mental well being. Read my bio, and our entire team’s bios, click here.

To simplify, my life coach services will have an additive component to any personal goals that you want to accomplish due to my clinical expertise.

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