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Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and whether you are in search of answers for self-improvement, romantic relationships, parenting, how to increase your self-esteem, alternative medicine in food and nutrition, physical health and fitness or advice on your professional career, Dr. Pierre-Louis will take your questions every Friday between 11am – 12 noon.

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Show #73: SELF-SABOTAGE: THE WHYS, HOW AND HOW NOT TO with Rachael Prager

Rachel Prager, LMSW, CASAC brings her expertise and clinical insight on self-sabotage. She provides 7 key indicators of self-sabotage. She also shares the “How Not To ‘recipe’ to experience success.

Show #72: EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis instructs listeners that all of us are at-risk of carrying emotional baggage based on one’s willingness to process their “stuff.” The how and why it develops was addressed. Dr. Pierre-Louis explains the emotional baggage of fear and the coping mechanisms one needs to utilize to overcome the burden of dysfunction.

Show #71: BREAST CANCER AWARENESS with Dr. Meedlen Charles

Dr. Meedlen Charles, OB-Gyn educates on why breast cancer screening is important and encourages the vulnerable population to seek yearly mammograms. She debunks many myths and shares heartfelt stories that she has had with her patients.

Show #70: RESILIENCY with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis offers a lesson on resiliency. The how and the whys are further explored. Resiliency can begin as an intentional habit then later develop as a character over time. Coping mechanism to exercise resiliency was highlighted.

Show #69: PREGNANCY & INFANT LOSS AWARENESS with Kimberly Constable

Kimberly Constable shares her experience of giving birth to a still baby. Her heartfelt grief transformed to now a non-profit for Baby Loss Library Project that is housed at Embrace Therapy, Campbell Hall, NY.

Christine Oriani co-hosts the show and she shares her loss of her Abigail. Her transformed experience led her to focus on providing therapy to families who have experienced similar losses.

Show #68: TEEN DATING VIOLENCE with Dr. Pierre-Louis

What is Teen Dating Violence? Dr. Pierre-Louis educates listeners on this topic. Parents were provided red flag indicators to help their children navigate such gruesome and traumatic experiences. Many resources are provided as a guide for the next steps.

Show #66: PEOPLE PLEASERS with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis reviews the characteristics of people pleasers. How this characteristic develops and how to effectively interact with healthy esteem and self-worth.

Show #65: ADHD PART 2 with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Part Deux of ADHD. Dr. Pierre-Louis shares the difficult impact of ADHD on couples. Coping skills to manage the challenges of having a partner with this neuro-diversity were explored. Many resources were provided to listeners.

Show #64: ADHD PART 1 with Dr. Pierre-Louis

What are the factors attached to ADHD? Dr. Pierre-Louis unpacks the various aspects of having a neuro-diversity. The challenging symptoms and some of the positive consequences were delineated.

Show #63: COVID-19 UPDATE with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis highlights the continuous impact of Covid-19 on out day to day interactions. She provides listeners with coping skills on how to communicate their feelings and navigate their interpersonal needs.

Show #62: HOARDERS with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis reveals some helpful knowledge about hoarders and how this disorder develops over time. Hoarding is a compulsive act of excessive acquiring and refusal to discard useless items. The levels of hoarders are discussed and family members who have been impacted are validated for their secondary suffering. Coping tools are shared with the listeners.

Show #61: VICTIM MENTALITY with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis explores the identity of someone “who is in love with their tragedy”. The characteristics of someone who holds a victim mentality/victim syndrome were identified. The distinction between martyr and victim mentally was defined. Dr. Pierre-Louis reinforced the importance for the listeners to be able to differentiate between victim-blaming and a depressed mood presentation and victim syndrome.

Show #60: PARENTING PART 2 with Dr. S. Pierre-Louis, PT, DPT

Dr. Spendy Pierre-Louis, PT, DPT is a special guest co-host, teaming up with his wife, Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis, and shares their parenting journey. With fun, laughter, and a few little jabs, controversial parenting decisions are discussed. The couple imparts their wisdom and answers some questions.

Show #59:  13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PEOPLE DON’T DO with Dr. Pierre-Louis

The book by the same name is authored by Amy Morin, LCSW was discussed. Dr. Pierre-Louis gives some alternative perspectives based on her experiences with her clients.


Dr. Jennifer Weeks, Ph.D., LPC enlightens listeners with her in-depth knowledge on sexual addiction and the neuroscience that reinforces this addiction. She provides insightful information to help differentiate between the various components of sexual dysfunction.


Dr. Pierre-Louis teaches on the different parenting and attachment styles. She emphasizes the need to assess pressure pain versus pleasure pain before deciding to have children. She identifies the most effective style and answers questions.

Show #56: Are You in A Relationship with a Narcissist?

Everyone knows a narcissistic because we all have narcissistic tendencies! Dr. Pierre-Louis reveals that there is a difference between unhealthy and healthy narcissism. The subtypes of unhealthy types of narcissistic traits were addressed.

Show #55: Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Dr. Pierre-Louis addresses this hot topic of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination. The impact of the pandemic as discussed and the likely culprits of this unhealthy habit. Listeners are called to action to change this habit.

Show #54: Dispelling the Misconceptions about Surrogacy with Andrea McAfee

Ms. McAfee, of the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia, shares a wealth of knowledge on the surrogacy journey. She dispels some misunderstandings regarding this assisted reproductive treatment and aided listeners to have a more inviting approach. She answers difficult questions and instilled hope for intended parents.

Show #53: The Top Communication Errors in Relationships with Jenifer Wilcher

Jenifer Wilcher is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a relationship expert and she offers helpful communication errors she has observed in her practice. She provides some great mantras that will aid listeners to use during challenging conversations with their partners. She educates listeners and answers difficult.

Show #52: Ultra-Independence with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis reviews the previous show on the maturity continuum. She expounds on the importance of interdependence in a romantic relationship and roadblocks to building this type of relationship. Ultra-independence is defined and how it relates to a traumatic experience. Coping mechanisms are provided.

Show #51: Celebrating African American Inventors and the Psychology of Othering with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis celebrates the inventions that are being used daily that were created by African American inventors. The psychology of the other was defined and examples were given on how this interaction is manifested. Othering highlights the prejudices that can be present in all people. The techniques and coping skills to use to minimize othering were revealed.

About the Host, Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis

Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Louis completed her Master’s in Education and Human Services at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. She later fulfilled her desire to become a Clinical Psychologist at the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University in Orange County, California. Her clinical training was at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities, a leading clinical training site in the country. She has also participated in extensive training with Postpartum International Support (PSI), a world-renowned organization leading the support and professional training for maternal mental health. Additionally, she has completed a year-long Fertility Counseling Post Graduate course.

Dr. Louis is the founder of EMBRACE Therapy, which focuses on women’s mental health, providing individual, couple and group therapy.

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