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Show #77:
Conversations with my Valentine: He said, She said with Dr. Pierre-Louis.

Valentine is upon us and Dr. Pierre-Louis invited her other half to join. A spirited and humorous discussion on whether one true soulmate exit or luck of the draw was had between the couple. A new and unknown concept of soulmate status was shared. The couple answered difficult questions from the listeners.

Show #76:
Assessing Your Level of Shame with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis delineates the difference between shame and guilt. Shame is an emotional response that many people experience, however many people carry it as a trait. Shame stems from traumatic interpersonal relationships where the recurrent messaging of “I am unlovable”, “I am worthless” are cemented. Dr. Pierre-Louis encourages the listeners to assess their level of shame and she provides healthy coping mechanisms. Dr. Pierre-Louis strongly advocates for listeners to attend therapy to help heal from their trauma.

Show #75: Self-Forgiveness with Dr. Pierre-Louis

One of the biggest struggles in one’s relationship with themselves is exercising forgiveness. Dr. Pierre-Louis provides the context for self-forgiveness. She states, “It is an act of self-compassion and it is an important ingredient for healing.” Dr. Pierre-Louis provides some key management skills to free her listeners and allow self-forgiveness from pain caused by others or self-directed pain.

Show #74: THE SANTA MYTH with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Shhh…..Have you shared the myth of Santa with your children? If so, have you thought about the possibility that keeping up with this ruse may cause a negative impact on your children? Some experts have said there is potential harm while others disagree. Dr. Louis discusses both sides of the perspective. She also shares some great tips for when you decide to reveal the heart-wrenching truth about the beloved Santa Claus to your children.

Show #73: SELF-SABOTAGE: THE WHYS, HOW AND HOW NOT TO with Rachael Prager

Rachel Prager, LMSW, CASAC brings her expertise and clinical insight on self-sabotage. She provides 7 key indicators of self-sabotage. She also shares the “How Not To ‘recipe’ to experience success.

Show #72: EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis instructs listeners that all of us are at-risk of carrying emotional baggage based on one’s willingness to process their “stuff.” The how and why it develops was addressed. Dr. Pierre-Louis explains the emotional baggage of fear and the coping mechanisms one needs to utilize to overcome the burden of dysfunction.

Show #71: BREAST CANCER AWARENESS with Dr. Meedlen Charles

Dr. Meedlen Charles, OB-Gyn educates on why breast cancer screening is important and encourages the vulnerable population to seek yearly mammograms. She debunks many myths and shares heartfelt stories that she has had with her patients.

Show #70: RESILIENCY with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis offers a lesson on resiliency. The how and the whys are further explored. Resiliency can begin as an intentional habit then later develop as a character over time. Coping mechanism to exercise resiliency was highlighted.

Show #69: PREGNANCY & INFANT LOSS AWARENESS with Kimberly Constable

Kimberly Constable shares her experience of giving birth to a still baby. Her heartfelt grief transformed to now a non-profit for Baby Loss Library Project that is housed at Embrace Therapy, Campbell Hall, NY.

Christine Oriani co-hosts the show and she shares her loss of her Abigail. Her transformed experience led her to focus on providing therapy to families who have experienced similar losses.

Show #68: TEEN DATING VIOLENCE with Dr. Pierre-Louis

What is Teen Dating Violence? Dr. Pierre-Louis educates listeners on this topic. Parents were provided red flag indicators to help their children navigate such gruesome and traumatic experiences. Many resources are provided as a guide for the next steps.

Show #66: PEOPLE PLEASERS with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis reviews the characteristics of people pleasers. How this characteristic develops and how to effectively interact with healthy esteem and self-worth.

Show #65: ADHD PART 2 with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Part Deux of ADHD. Dr. Pierre-Louis shares the difficult impact of ADHD on couples. Coping skills to manage the challenges of having a partner with this neuro-diversity were explored. Many resources were provided to listeners.

Show #64: ADHD PART 1 with Dr. Pierre-Louis

What are the factors attached to ADHD? Dr. Pierre-Louis unpacks the various aspects of having a neuro-diversity. The challenging symptoms and some of the positive consequences were delineated.

Show #63: COVID-19 UPDATE with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis highlights the continuous impact of Covid-19 on out day to day interactions. She provides listeners with coping skills on how to communicate their feelings and navigate their interpersonal needs.

Show #62: HOARDERS with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis reveals some helpful knowledge about hoarders and how this disorder develops over time. Hoarding is a compulsive act of excessive acquiring and refusal to discard useless items. The levels of hoarders are discussed and family members who have been impacted are validated for their secondary suffering. Coping tools are shared with the listeners.

Show #61: VICTIM MENTALITY with Dr. Pierre-Louis

Dr. Pierre-Louis explores the identity of someone “who is in love with their tragedy”. The characteristics of someone who holds a victim mentality/victim syndrome were identified. The distinction between martyr and victim mentally was defined. Dr. Pierre-Louis reinforced the importance for the listeners to be able to differentiate between victim-blaming and a depressed mood presentation and victim syndrome.

Show #60: PARENTING PART 2 with Dr. S. Pierre-Louis, PT, DPT

Dr. Spendy Pierre-Louis, PT, DPT is a special guest co-host, teaming up with his wife, Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis, and shares their parenting journey. With fun, laughter, and a few little jabs, controversial parenting decisions are discussed. The couple imparts their wisdom and answers some questions.

Show #59:  13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PEOPLE DON’T DO with Dr. Pierre-Louis

The book by the same name is authored by Amy Morin, LCSW was discussed. Dr. Pierre-Louis gives some alternative perspectives based on her experiences with her clients.


Dr. Jennifer Weeks, Ph.D., LPC enlightens listeners with her in-depth knowledge on sexual addiction and the neuroscience that reinforces this addiction. She provides insightful information to help differentiate between the various components of sexual dysfunction.


Dr. Pierre-Louis teaches on the different parenting and attachment styles. She emphasizes the need to assess pressure pain versus pleasure pain before deciding to have children. She identifies the most effective style and answers questions.

Show #56: Are You in A Relationship with a Narcissist?

Everyone knows a narcissistic because we all have narcissistic tendencies! Dr. Pierre-Louis reveals that there is a difference between unhealthy and healthy narcissism. The subtypes of unhealthy types of narcissistic traits were addressed.

Show #55: Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Dr. Pierre-Louis addresses this hot topic of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination. The impact of the pandemic as discussed and the likely culprits of this unhealthy habit. Listeners are called to action to change this habit.

Show #54: Dispelling the Misconceptions about Surrogacy with Andrea McAfee

Ms. McAfee, of the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia, shares a wealth of knowledge on the surrogacy journey. She dispels some misunderstandings regarding this assisted reproductive treatment and aided listeners to have a more inviting approach. She answers difficult questions and instilled hope for intended parents.

Show #53: The Top Communication Errors in Relationships with Jenifer Wilcher

Jenifer Wilcher is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a relationship expert and she offers helpful communication errors she has observed in her practice. She provides some great mantras that will aid listeners to use during challenging conversations with their partners. She educates listeners and answers difficult.

Show #33: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis honors the lives that were lost 19 years ago. She reviews the opportunity to make healthier choices in our lives. She provides concrete instructions and engages listeners to practice making healthy decisions. She identifies that this week is Suicide Prevention Awareness and shares an overview of warning signs and how to communicate with loved ones about suicidal thoughts.

Show #32: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis provides a shift in focus and informed the listeners that they hold the key to their happiness. The key factors that would ensure a greater sense of happiness were identified. The concept of using one’s God-given ability of free will to make healthy decisions was explored. The critical component of choice is the key. Healthy choices beget healthy outcomes.

Show #31: Shakirra McKinley, MS, MHC-LP
Shakirra McKinley presents the emotional temperature that some of the educators, school counselors, and administrators may be experiencing with the return of the new school year during this pandemic. The impact on the psyche of the students and educators and professional staff was discussed. Mental wellness coping mechanisms to help aid in the transition were identified.

Show #30: Christine Oriani, LCSW
Christine Oriani helps listeners honor the loss and changes that children, parents, and teachers will be experiencing during the school year. She discusses using one’s anxious response in a helpful manner to identify their concerns and how to mitigate them. Recommendations for managing day to day obstacles were explored.

Show #29: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis teaches listeners on the 5 types of intimacy. Which is the strongest on your relationship she asks? She answers difficult questions on intimate relationships. Everyone needs a divorce… a divorce from selfishness, if you want to an intimate relationship.

Show #28: Dauphne Momperousse, MS
Ms. Daphnee Momperousse, MS, is a teacher, a speech therapist and the Executive Director of the Gerome Momperousse Center for Education. Ms. Momperousse shares her journey into entrepreneurship. Daphnee expresses her struggles and triumph as a woman and provides great insight on the interventions that have allowed her to find success. She encourages the listeners to fulfill their dreams and it begins with “WHY NOT.”

Show #27: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis continues with part “deux” of debunking the myths of couples therapy. She answers more questions and provides essential information to support couples in their relationships.

Show #26: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis identifies the myths about couple’s therapy and the reasons why many are hesitant to attend. She enlightens the listeners on the positive impact of participating in therapy. She answers the questions from listeners about their concerns and provides guidance to couples.

Show #25: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis identifies the myths about couple’s therapy and the reasons why many are hesitant to attend. She enlightens the listeners on the positive impact of participating in therapy. She answers the questions from listeners about their concerns and provides guidance to couples.

Show #24: Dr. Mahtab Kaeni
Dr. Mahtab Kaeni shares her personal story of being diagnosed with breast cancer. She was authentic in her struggle with grief. She empowers other women to make healthy decisions about their bodies and do breast exams on a weekly basis. She is an advocate for all women who are on this journey with her.

Show #23: Dr. Meedlen Charles, OB-Gyn
Dr. Meedlen Charles invites the listeners on her experience treating COVID19 positive patients during the height of the pandemic. She answers questions about precautions for pregnant women. The impact of Secondary Trauma is discussed and coping skills to manage the symptoms were shared.

Show #22: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis explores how trauma effects the body. She educated listeners on how the body experiences trauma and how it can be stored or “gets stuck”. She implores everyone to acknowledge their own trauma, especially post-pandemic and generational historical injuries. She reviews the negative consequences of unresolved trauma.

Show #21: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis discusses the anxiety about returning back to work post-pandemic and the protest response to the George Floyd murder. She teaches about how anxiety presents in our lives and techniques for difficult conversations with co-workers.

Show #20: Saron Malloy, Psych NP
Saron Malloy shares her professional insights on medication management. She discusses the psychological impact on the pandemic on one’s mental health. She answers questions from listeners about their concerns. She shares about her practice, Preserving Healthy Minds.

Show #19: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis dives into the conversation about the Psychology of Hate. The destruction of humanity and how it is tied to hate is explored. The feelings of hatred were identified and connected to the murder of George Floyd. The impact of racism and other forms of privileges are discussed. Listeners are called to action to be brave enough to have these difficult conversations, assess their own privileges and prejudices, and hold themselves accountable.

Show #18: Edna Muhammad, LCSW
Edna Muhammad, a licensed clinical social worker shares her expertise on self-care. The various components of self-care are explained. Meaningful tips to engage and communicate the need for self-care/self-love were given.

Show #17: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis discusses why some people have difficulty receiving kindness from others. It is a question of worth or distrust. Listeners are urged to assess their internal motivation to prevents them from seeking meaningful connections.

Show #16: Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis
Dr. Agathe Pierre-Louis educates on co-dependency in relationships. The impact from childhood that leads one to become involved in a co-dependent relationship is explained. Healthy coping mechanisms are identified and listeners are encouraged to practice interdependency in relationships.

Show #15: Charlene Hogue, LMSW
Charlene Hogue shares her expertise on grief and how it presents in our lives. She explores the challenges to process grief in a healthy manner and provides interventions to manage the grief and loss during this pandemic.

Show #14: Farrah Shidid, MHC
Farrah Shidid, a mental health counselor for children and adolescents discusses the challenges of remote learning for parents and their children during the mandatory pause.

Show #13: Dr. Agathe C. Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis explores the challenges within the family dynamics during the pandemic. She provides a healthy perspective for family members to communicate effectively with one another.

Show #12: Dr. Mahtab Kaeni, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist educates couples on how to maintain emotional and sexual intimacy during the sheltering experience.

Show #11: Dr. Spencer P-L, DPT
Physical Therapist imparts his experiences working with the geriatric population in nursing homes. He explores the impact of COVID19 on the elderly and why they are at greater risk.

Show #10: Dr. Agathe C. Pierre-Louis
Dr. Agathe C. Pierre-Louis explores the impact of the COVID 19 virus and how it has caused an increase in anxious responses. She normalizes how difficult it is to adjust during the pandemic. Dr. Pierre-Louis educates about healthy coping skills.

Show #9: Susannah Devine
Susannah Devine shares her insight into maintaining a successful business partnership with her husband. As an artistic director and website developer, she knows what it takes to manage the many hats she wears by infusing a healthy lifestyle of daily exercise and nutrition.

Show #8: Denise Bolds
Denise Bolds, the Bold Doula, educates about the doula profession and the benefits of hiring a doula for support during the preparation for the birth and post-birth of a baby. The rate of Black Maternal Mortality and the impact on the culture were also discussed.

Show #7: Jessica Stumpft, BA
Owner of Vermont Surrogacy Network educates listeners on the journey of surrogacy for intended parents and gestation surrogates.

Show #6: Dr. Agathe C. Pierre-Louis
Dr. Pierre-Louis discusses attachment and how it impacts present relationships.

Show #5: Justine DeLeon, LCSW
Therapist addresses truth and myths about mental health to decrease stigma.

Show #4: Stephanie Sosnowski, BS, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant addresses the importance of mother’s milk and encourages mothers to make appropriate adjustments to care for their baby.

Show #3: Ashley LaVoie, BA
A mother’s experience with a child diagnosed with Type I Diabetes.

Show #2: Dr. Meedlen Charles, MD, FACOG
ObGyn discusses women’s health and proper screening

Show #1: Christine Oriani, LCSW
Therapist addresses truth and myths about mental health to decrease stigma.