Kind Words For Embrace Therapy

Just a few short months ago, I felt like my world was crumbling. My school age daughter began exhibiting severe anxiety. As a parent, watching your child suffer is one of the most helpless feelings in the world. We were perfectly matched with Tiffany and I can see the spark returning to my daughters eyes. Tiffany has such a gentle approach and the fact that she weaves art into her therapy sessions was the cherry on top for my little girl. Tiffany creates such a warm and welcoming environment where my daughter feels her safest sharing her deepest feelings. The tools that she comes home with are so age appropriate . My daughter is learning that she that she is safe to feel her feelings and use her tools to move through them. I especially love that Tiffany supports the parents in the process by explaining how the tools work and how to support our child at home. Tiffany has been a God sent, truly.


I cannot express my gratitude enough for Embrace Therapy, specifically for matching me with Carol. My entire life has changed, for the better. When I first started coming to Embrace Therapy I was insecure, shy, unsure of myself, and felt lost.

Carol helped me realize my worth that has been inside me all along. She helped me see that I am confident, I am strong, and helped me believe in myself. I’m doing things I would have never thought I would before; I left a unhealthy relationship and am moving out of state to continue growing in my career and life.

I’m extremely grateful for Carol, without her I wouldn’t have seen what I had inside all along. I know now to not dim my light, to let my light shine. Better yet, she helped me realize I don’t need to set myself on fire to keep others warm. I can proudly say I came a long way and changed for the better and found myself thanks to Carol and Embrace Therapy. I’m excited for this next chapter in my life!


I walked into the doors of embrace therapy a broken woman who did not know how to handle my emotions or live life dealing with my anxiety and severe postpartum depression. Tiffany has helped me in countless ways. She has taught me how to deal with my past trauma and combat my anxiety and depression through healthy coping skills. Tiffany is a truly gifted professional who I am so incredibly grateful for. I don’t know where I would be today had I not met Tiffany. Thank you to Tiffany and Embrace Therapy for changing my life in so many positive ways.


Tiffany is amazing! I cannot believe what a positive impact she’s had on my son’s life the last few months. What a blessing she has been. She is certainly the kind of therapist everyone needs in their life. I could not be more grateful!!


The therapy sessions helped me learn so much about myself and others. I’m better able to work through my emotions and my problems, and feel more confident doing so. I can better trust myself, and it’s been an amazing feeling ever since!


Tiffany is literally my favorite person on this planet. She has impacted my life in the most positive way ever I’m so great full to have such a close bond with her! She has taught me how to grow and learn from and do things I would have never been able to do without her! She truly is such an amazing person! I got so lucky to be with her!


Christine Oriani has definitely made a difference in my life. I am grateful for all that she has and does do. I highly recommend her and Embrace Therapy.


Falisia is amazing. My life a year ago to now has drastically changed because of my growth in therapy. I didn’t even know i needed as much help as i did. I just wanted to give therapy a try but I’ve gained so much . I’m forever grateful . Falisia is always human and compassionate yet always maintains professionalism. She is nurturing but still gives you the reality check needed. Thank you isn’t enough


Christine is an incredible therapist. I was unable to drive and barely could leave my house when I met her. My life had been turned upside down by a traumatic event. She was able to get me back to my life again. And when the pandemic hit and I relapsed worse than when it all started, Christine proved her worth again. She focused on me and never once did I see her waiver in her job to get me back to my life and being a contributing member of society. It wasn’t until I began writing this that I realized Christine hadn’t ever complained or made me feel we weren’t going to be just fine, even during a pandemic that I’m sure must have affected her and her own family. She has given me tools to move forward and continues to be the strong, supportive person who helps me see the way forward. I couldn’t have asked for a better mental health therapist.


At a time when I was barely prioritizing myself and feeing like nothing was within my control, Julie was a calm voice in my storm. She has really helped me organize my thoughts and learn to be more gentle with myself.


Char has been an incredible help during a difficult year. I appreciate her insights, solutions-oriented approach, and empathy.


Falisia is the most amazing person I have ever met! In less than a year she has helped me positively change into a much more confident and resilient person. She perfectly handles the balance of being supportive and tough love. She pushes, but won’t push too far, and really takes my needs into consideration. Her work goes beyond our weekly hour together – after voicing some concern about my mental/emotional state in the days following our sessions, she began to set aside time at the end of our sessions to make sure that I am mentally/emotionally prepared for the rest of the week, especially after a tougher session. She is also very responsive outside of our hour together. People in my life have remarked about how much healthier I sound since I started working with Falisia and I too feel so much healthier. I truly look forward to our hour together and the continued progress I am making.


Breanna is the best! She is always so encouraging and reminds me even on the bad days to celebrate how far I have come on my journey. I am so grateful for her help and positive attitude.


Falisia is heaven sent! I was suffering from depression and was crying everyday. I was unhappy and overwhelmed with being a stay at home working mom. She helped me find my voice and get back to me. Although I’m much better than I was, I don’t want to stop my sessions with her. She makes everything better!


Dr. Louis is a ray of sunshine, this experience has truly been divine timing! She has been patient, encouraging, and a huge part of my growth thus far. I am grateful to be a part of the Embrace Therapy family and to have Dr.Louis’s guidance on my journey!


Dr. Louis is the most genuine, easy to talk to person I have ever met. She listens, allows you the space to express everything you are feeling, and makes you feel validated without any judgement. But more than that, she gently guides you toward moments of understanding and epiphany about yourself that give you the power to change your own life. This is the greatest gift a human being can give to one another – the power to change our own life and improve it. She came into my life during a very dark period, when I was suffering from Postpartum Depression/Postpartum Anxiety and PTSD from a traumatic first birth. I don’t think that I would have survived that first year without her. I don’t think my marriage would have survived without her. I would highly recommend Dr. Louis to anyone struggling.


I have been working with Arlene for over a year and she has helped me tremendously to adjusting to mom life,with juggling being a working momma and living my best possible life. Arlene is very kind, sweet and relatable. Arlene is very talented, and very professional.


Arlene is so kind, warm, and wise. Talking with her feels like sitting with an old friend over coffee.


Christine is by far the most skilled and empathetic counselor I have worked with. In our sessions I experience both comfort and practical wisdom. Thank you Christine!


Julie has given me the tools to be kind to myself, to find perspective, to allow myself grace to grow and thrive and be who I need to be for my family, friends, and colleagues, while staying true to myself. Julie guided me, kindly and with compassion, to a place where I can be the best version of myself. Thank you, Julie, for being a guiding light through the roughest period of my life. I am forever full of gratitude for Julie.


Dr. Louis is life-changing, in that she helps YOU change your own life. She listens and gives you workable tools to manage any stressors you may be facing, and she works until she can figure out what will work best for you. She is patient, kind and brilliant. I don’t know how I’d do it without her.


Christine has been immensely helpful channeling grief and sorrow from pregnancy losses during COVID. She listens wholeheartedly and provides an unbiased structured approach to challenges. Sometimes she offers new perspectives that helps let go of situations more easily. She is empathetic and encouraging. Never judgmental or critical. I am grateful to have her support, especially during COVID.


Dr. Louis had been a wonderful asset for helping me through the transitions into motherhood and beyond. Her style is kind but firm, caring yet she pushes me outside my comfort zones. I feel like I’ve grown under her guidance and would highly recommend her services.


Embrace therapy has made a world of difference for me, not just for the situation that I was needing guidance with but for my self journey as well. Christine provided a warm and inviting environment that allowed me to heal wounds and set me back on a path for making good decisions. I can’t say enough about the kind and gentle way that Christine handles herself and clients. With humor and empathy she is able to chaperon you to a better sense of self.


Embrace therapy has changed my life. I am thankful for my Doctor Pierre-Louis. She is amazing.


I began attending therapy with a specific goal in mind but this became something that I began to look forward to since Covid changed the face of being able to do several things. I found myself liking to talk and share. I really appreciate you Dr. P Louis and her realness because that is what made this easy. Thank you


Dr. Pierre-Louis is a wonderful therapist and human being. She has helped me through many transitions and challenges. Her perspective is fresh, compassionate, and rooted in true kindness and caring. She is brilliant and amazing.


Thank you, Dr. Louis, for being the guiding force and support that I have needed through my many storms and for providing the self-care that I so clearly need. Thank you also for your spiritual support. In many ways I feel that we’ve become kindred spirits in our spiritual growth, even in the little things like inviting God’s presence to be with us throughout each session. I truly believe that God led me to you. May He continue guide you and us in our individual and collective journeys. Again, thank you so much for all that you do.


Julie has helped me grow so much in the past two years. When I moved to the area my first goal was to be more open and honest about my postpartum depression and to stop hiding the shame I felt. My first session with Julie was the day I moved here. We hadn’t unpacked the house yet and I almost skipped my appointment. I was so glad I didn’t and instantly felt so validated and listened to by Julie. Throughout the past two years Julie has helped me with so much more than I ever expected. She is kind, empathetic and helps me see my worth as a mother. Since we have worked together I’ve expanded my family more and have successfully avoided PPD this time around by having the support from Julie and others.


I truly don’t have the words to describe the impact Char has had on the last year of my life. After suffering two miscarriages in 5 months, I wasn’t sure how to process what I had been through. Char helped me to do that in ways that were challenging but ultimately exactly what I needed. I don’t know what the last year would have looked like for me without the impact she has had on my life.


I have been working with Maggie for almost two months now and I can already tell and feel what a difference she’s made in my life. I look forward to my sessions with her because she helps me understand myself better each time. She’s honest, but gentle and very intelligent and helpful.


After waiting to pursue therapy for years and finally looking, I’m very pleased with finding Embrace therapy. Everyone was kind from the inquiry phone call to the consultation and now that I have seen my therapist I FEEL hope and I see a brighter future ahead. It’s only been a few sessions so far and I am learning a lot about myself and about the healing process. It’s been hard and emotional work but I can feel the progress in my spirit. 6/5 stars from me.


Embrace accepted me when I was at my mental health was crumbling; the staff is friendly and works in earnest. Christine, my therapist, provided the tools, space, and feedback necessary for me to come out of a mental breakdown. Our sessions continue, and with the help of medication, I never would of thought how much clarity and happiness could come with an official mental diagnosis and what to do to manage it.


I cannot express how much Dr. Louis has helped me. I went to her several years ago at the height of my infertility struggles and fresh from a recent loss. Through her expertise, compassion, and support I have gotten to a place emotionally I never thought I’d be able to deal with whatever comes my way and know I’ll be okay and able to validate my feelings but not let them control me, I also became a better advocate for myself and started seeing my self-worth through my own eyes not based on other people’s opinions. She has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Louis.


Dr. Pierre is an amazing therapist! Through her guidance, I’ve become a much more self-aware, reflective, and happier individual. She TRULY has a gift.


From the moment I made the call to begin my mental health journey, I knew Embrace was the right fit for me. I’m big on vibes and they had the best of them! They actually paired me with my God send of a therapist, Edna.

She guided me out of severe depression & anxiety as I navigated being a healthcare professional this past year. She not only helped me heal, but I grew too! I reclaimed my entire life! I kid you not, we even laughed every single session.

Edna is the epitome of what a therapist should be and I thank God she’s mine. I don’t want to know what my life would have been had I not met her. Thank you Edna, and thank you Embrace! I’m forever grateful and forever changed for the better!


Using the strategies that my therapist suggested has helped me cope and deal with the issues that I discussed during our sessions. I’m forever grateful. My therapist was professional, sweet, and kind.


I am forever grateful for my therapist. I definitely gambled and didn’t put any specifications on who I’d like to be matched with when I initially called to set up an appointment. And then I was matched with Breanna and she has been doing God’s work!

What I’ve been most grateful for is Breanna’s ability to create a safe and completely non-judgmental space for me to express myself and grow. We’ve been able to recognize and celebrate major milestones and make more goals for self improvement.

So thank you thank you thank you! She helped me through the ROUGHEST time of my life. We got through it together and I don’t know what I would have done without her!


Saying my therapist, Ms. Cotten, has made a difference in my life is an understatement. She would say I’m saving me, but really she saved me this last year. I am a critical care clinician who loves her patients. I believe in science. I love to learn. I’m an empath. I’m a woman who loves her family. I also come from a long line of alcoholics and as fate had it, I caught this bug.

When I met Ms. Cotten in January 2020, I was lost, broken, angry, and fed up with myself. Ms. Cotten brought me back to life by LISTENING, TEACHING, SUPPORTING, and CALLING ME OUT ON MY BS. As an alcoholic, I have an ego. So calling me out on my BS has been essential in my self growth. It’s something that isn’t easy for a loved one like a mother, best friend, or husband to do… especially when this loved one sees you are suffering.

As a professional, Ms. Cotten listens to my words and studies my behavior with her years of experience with patients like me and her wealth of knowledge in mental health. She’s never made me feel small or weak. She’s shown me how I make myself feel that way in how I talk to myself and how I treat myself. She’s never made me feel like I need her. She’s only shown me love, respect, support, and patience. She is one of my life’s greatest blessings.

Thank you Embrace for gifting me Ms. Cotten! Thank you Ms. Cotten for bringing me back to life and helping me weed out the toxins and guiding me in finding my true self. You are a GEM.


Christie has helped me grow and understand my self more than anyone else could. She’s always there even outside of our appointment. I always feel refreshed after her appointments.


Dr. Pierre-Louis has been such a gift to me. She helps me navigate challenging relationships and situations, she offers me different perspectives and approaches and helps to generally broaden my lens so that I feel less stuck, more free. She supports me in the natural ebbs and flows of my life, including my postpartum time periods. And she has helped my marriage tremendously – as a child of divorce, I find myself defaulting to viewing separation as a solution for conflict – but she helps me see my partner’s perspective differently, or interprets his actions differently than I did to find the love underneath the actions that I couldn’t see. She also helps me advocate for myself and stand strong in my own two feet, and to reconnect to my own needs and instincts. And now, as my children grow, she helps me to manage my relationships with my beautiful and at-times challenging children.
I am deeply grateful for her support.


Words fall short of the appreciation I have for Christine and Embrace Therapy. I’m forever grateful for her guidance, empathy and compassion that she has shown me on my journey to improve my mental health.


Shakirra is kind, respectful and compassionate. She has been helpful in helping me to see the things that are not working in my life and she has given me the tools to make better decisions. I am able to see where I have gone wrong and I am on the right path because of her. I am very grateful.


My son was very depressed and anxious during the pandemic and Dahley helped transformed his little heart. He is doing so much better and I am so happy that Dahley was able to help him. My son is so happy and can share his feelings and knows what to do with them when they get to be too much.


I came to Julie with a particular issue I wanted to work on. Julie rarely strayed from the issue and I felt like I got a lot of work done during our sessions, and was able to accomplish my goal. Her style is conversational, so I felt that I was talking to someone who was an equal rather than having a doctor/patient relationship, but she always kept the focus on me.


One of Jemma’s greatest qualities is her ability to listen and sit with a range of my emotions, while holding space for my experiences. She is always calm, compassionate, and level-headed when I’m distressed. She would be a huge asset to any therapy client.


During my time in therapy, I learned so much about myself and my relationships with my family. I learned coping skills and I learned to self-care. I learned to validate myself and to speak my truth. I would recommend therapy to anyone and everyone. It was not self-indulgent but self-awareness.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Louis. I believe that she is meant to do what she does and be who she is. I still go in for “tune-ups” occasionally, or we email just to check-in. She gave me a toolbox to dip into when things get complicated.

Ivette's Kind Words

Two years ago, I was dealing with my husband’s cancer diagnosis, my father had kidney failure and went on dialysis and my mother died from congestive heart while I was on vacation with my family. Needless to say, I hit rock bottom. On a Dr.’s appointment, I shared that I couldn’t sleep and that I was having anxiety attacks. She gave me Dr. Louis’s card and honestly I was embarrassed to call.

I was raised to believe that mental illness, medications for mental illness and “therapy” was not a real disease and that you just needed to snap out of it. But my “symptoms” were crippling me and I could not function so I Googled her first. I wanted to see what this stranger who I was going to bear my soul out to looked like.

I saw a photo of her on her website. I think it was of a woman in the sunshine with a warm smile and kind eyes so I called. We spoke on the phone and she was so comforting and I knew that she was going to help me. So we began our journey together.

During my time in therapy, I learned so much about myself and my relationships with my family. I learned coping skills and I learned to self-care. I learned to validate myself and to speak my truth. I would recommend therapy to anyone and everyone. It was not self-indulgent but self-awareness.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Louis. I believe that she is meant to do what she does and be who she is. I still go in for “tune-ups” occasionally, or we email just to check-in. She gave me a toolbox to dip into when things get complicated.

I wish Dr. Louis all the best and I am so glad I made that phone call.


What I have taken away from our two and one half year journey between therapist and patient, is the ever positive welcome I felt each session. We probed a tragic relationship which left me hurt and immobile. I came away with a sense of knowing myself much better. There was once a book called, “My Mother, Myself” written in the 1970’s. I came away with an understanding of that relationship through Dr. Pierre-Louis and the impact has set parts of my “child” self free. She is a warm, feeling woman who places her focus on women and their importance, and impact, on all of the persons we have become.

M. L.

After the birth of my second child, Dr. Pierre-Louis helped me immensely during a period of unexpected postpartum anxiety and depression. Her personal, supportive, and proactive approach encouraged me to do work in areas of my life that I didn’t even realize needed attention – and ultimately helped me to not only manage my PPD/PPA, but to also learn more about how I think and approach stressful situations. Dr. Pierre-Louis worked with me to treat these challenges and helped me build a toolkit of cognitive and practical practices to use with both the anxiety and everyday situations. Her role during this season of my life was invaluable, and I’m grateful for her work and insight.

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