Everyone has gone through challenging moments in their lives. While you may have navigated through some difficulties you have faced, there are places and spaces where you may need a supportive holding environment. We believe anyone can benefit from the nurturing ear of a competent clinician. We offer a complimentary clinical phone consultation.
With a few minutes of your time, we will be able to help you explore what is challenging you in life and how we may be able to serve you at Embrace.

At Embrace we use three pillars to derive our treatment: gaining insight, healing from trauma and learning coping skills. We believe that exercising your emotional awareness muscle will transform your inner world and your relationships. Therapy helps people change the language of their inner world to have a positive impact on their outer world. Therapists are trained to be compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental and active listeners. Our therapists will enlighten patients with new insights. Through such feedback you may notice the desire and ability to transform deep-seated beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

Upon being greeted by your therapist, you will be guided to a bright yet warm inviting space of no judgment and no criticism to engage you in the healing process.

At your first appointment, your therapist will engage you in conversation to learn about what motivated you to come to therapy and what you hope to achieve through this process. Any questions or concerns you may have about the process can be answered in the room. Our sessions last 50 minutes on a weekly basis. As you progress in your treatment, you and your therapist will decide when it is appropriate to titrate to bi-monthly sessions, eventually moving forward to monthly sessions.

We hold the tenet that the therapeutic process should not create dependency. Our goal from the first day of treatment is to ultimately end therapy once transformation and healing has been accomplished. Therapy can be short-term focusing on a specific issue, longer-term addressing more complex issues or ongoing for personal growth. How long you remain in treatment is based on how long your therapy is needed and this is based on everyone’s individual journey.

What you say to a therapist at Embrace is protected under HIPPA laws. HIPPA laws protect your privacy and your right to anonymity.  For more detailed information about HIPAA and your treatment, click here. 

If you have insurance and we are in-network, you would be responsible for your typical medical copayment. If you are uninsured or out-of-network, we provide a sliding scale fee with proper financial documentation.

Copayments are expected at the time of service. We accept cash or checks made to Embrace Therapy for payment. For a small fee, credit cards are another option for payment. A credit card form can be provided upon request from the office electronically or in paper form in the waiting room. You will be instructed where to place your copayments.

If possible, we encourage early arrival prior to your scheduled session to allow yourself time to pay your copayment. In addition, this assists our therapist in promptly starting your session in a timely manner devoting the full 50 minutes to your session. Any patients that arrive more than fifteen minutes late may be asked to pay our No Show Fee and asked to reschedule.

Currently, we accept NYSHIP, Beacon Health Options, Affinity, 1199SEU, United Health Care/Optum, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, MVP, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Emblem Health/GHI/PIP.

The number you call is our 24-hour phone service. The message is received and a nonemergency call will be responded within 48 hours. If you need to connect your therapist directly, please email them.  Or you can use the connect prompts on the website to obtain their email addresses.

Psychotherapy is not only focused on talking about your concerns about the past and the present, but it requires a conscious plan and effort to change old patterns and develop a new mindset to lead to making healthier decisions in your life. In our engagement, we hold the expectations that change is possible and we actively design interventions, exercises, and thoughtful action steps to meet your needs. 

Making the decision to seek out therapy is not a sign of weakness. To go to therapy, it requires inner strength, because you have to sit with parts of yourself that you would not show others.  When you need support for your life, you call a doctor or a lawyer. When it comes to your mental and emotional health it is no different. Reaching out for professional support is an act of self-care to address the challenges you’re facing.

Yes! As much as it possibly can be. At Embrace Therapy, we conduct teletherapy on a secure, password laptop using a video conferencing software that is a trusted and is HIPAA-compliant. We insist that our clients take their online video sessions in a closed, private room to ensure privacy.

Per our guidelines as licensed mental health practitioners, we can only provide treatment for clients who reside in the state of New York.