EMBRACE Therapy is dedicated to restoring our client’s mental health. Our primary goal is to meet the clients where they are without posing any judgment. This allows freedom for discovery, hope, fulfillment by establishing healthy thinking, healthy feeling, and healthy behaving.


The intersection of Life. Compassion. Growth. are a representation of a client’s journey from their initial consultation to their termination. We strive to provide the highest quality of care measured by our integrity and respect for the clinical process. Providing an ethical and compassionate approach is our goal with every interaction with our clientele.

Our offices are located in Westchester County, NY and Orange County, NY and Bronx, NY. We also work via Telehealth.

About Embrace Therapy

Specializing in Maternal Mental Health

We specialize in maternal mental health, this includes antepartum, postpartum depression and anxiety, postpartum OCD and rage, infertility, reproductive trauma, D&C, perinatal loss, infant loss, and miscarriages

Traditional Treatment Services

We are a family-friendly practice, so we treat adults, teens and children with various concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship and marital issues, grief, sexual trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, psycho-oncology, suicide prevention and adolescent and teen adjustment difficulties.

Mental Health

Mental health concerns do not discriminate. They affect us all at every stage of our lives and the symptoms are expressed in various ways.

Life challenges and disappointments often disrupt one’s sense of wholeness, sometimes making it unbearable to connect with others and be our true selves. Together we can identify and shift the patterns that are preventing you from experiencing yourself as more confident and emotionally fulfilled.

Our personal message to you is: “It’s okay not to feel okay, but there is relief in receiving treatment.”

Agathe C. Pierre-Louis, Psy.D
Agathe C. Pierre-Louis, Psy.D

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Is Embrace Therapy
right for me?

• Are you someone who has emotional injuries?
• Do you feel a sense of sadness or loneliness and can’t explain why?
• Have you completed therapy in the past, but continue to struggle?
• Did you attend therapy, but felt unsatisfied with the surface remedy?
• Are you looking to heal in a nurturing environment?
• Are you desiring to gain insight into your life?
• Are you looking for a deep dive into yourself to heal wounds?
• Have you tried therapy in the past, but felt it only created a band-aid for your hurts?
• Do you feel overwhelmed and lack a safe place to turn for support?
• Have you searched for someone who you can lean on in fear and emotional pain?
• Are you willing to embark on a journey?
• Are you ready to seek an Embrace?