Doula Revolution: Transforming your Mind, Body and Spirit. Workbook and Journal to Heal your Secondary Trauma and Prevent Burnout


Dr Louis brings a passion in facilitating mental health to mothers and providers of pregnant mothers. Through EMBRACE Therapy, she has developed workshops to educate providers, which includes nurse practitioners, nurses, midwives, Ob/Gyns, primary care physicians, and doulas about perinatal mood disorders and the impact of secondary trauma stress on professional caregivers. The goal of the workshops is to help providers understand how the underpinnings of their own personal experiences coupled with secondary trauma during a birth can have a psychological impact on their own emotional well being. The psychological strains, or “birth baggage”, can influence the integrity of a provider’s future work with pregnant mothers and can also negatively impact on the many roles one has in their own personal lives. A qualitative research was conducted in which a number of doulas were interviewed about their own traumatic births and the re-experiencing of their trauma through the traumatic birth of their clients. In addition, data were obtained about the coping skills they utilized following a client’s birth.  The doulas expressed the need to have a healthier coping mechanism and assessment of their professional development to ensure a revolution, a growth on an emotional and professional level.

It is with immense pleasure to share the manifestation of the research in a workbook for doulas to manage expectations, encourage emotional healing of secondary trauma, self-care to present burn out and assessment of professional development. This is the ONLY workbook published to meet a doula’s own professional development and psychological needs as a birth professional. The book is written to be used with ease and at an individual’s pace.


Doula Revolution: Transforming your Mind, Body and Spirit is a workbook for doula professionals to heal from their experiences with secondary stress trauma symptoms and prevent burnout. This is the only workbook available for doulas to manage the emotional impact of their profession. Doulas are at risk for secondary stress trauma due to the nature of the profession. A doula’s strong alliance with her clients, repeated exposure to clients’ traumatic birth and a doula’s own personal trauma can create an inducement for emotional breakdown. The secondary trauma symptoms may resemble symptoms of depression or anxiety, consequently, its existence may be easily denied. The benefits of processing one’s emotions are that it produces healing. When one acknowledges one’s pain, it decreases symptoms and strengthens one’s ability to manage the stressors more effectively. This book consists of realistic tools that are obtained by completing worksheet activities and journal writings that have transformative power. I encourage every doula and other birth providers to take the time for self-care on a mental health and emotional level and process their experience. Know you are worth it!!!

Dr. Louis is available to provide support to groups of doula professionals for retreats of professional development, speaking engagements at conferences or privately for one on one support. Please use the contact page to obtain additional information.

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