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Self-Care for Health Care Professionals

About 10 months ago, a wrotea workbook to help doulas process their compassion fatigue or secondary stress trauma symptoms to prevent burnout.  In the introduction, I discussed how empathic identification is the basis to which a doula or any other related professional connects with their clients. Empathic identification is defined as…soaking up into oneself the […]

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Why Do I Need Psychotherapy to Treat my Postpartum Depression?

Guest Blogger: Meedlen Charles, MD.  Dr Charles is board certified in general Obstetrics and Gynecology with Westchester Medical Practice- New York Presbyterian Medical Group Hudson Valley ( ( She manages normal as well as high risk obstetrics complicated by hypertension, gestational diabetes, twin pregnancies. She is interested in VBAC, water births (first delivery at Hudson […]

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Navigating the Journey of Infertility

When unexpectedly faced with the sting of infertility, would be parents experience an in acknowledged trauma that leaves them feeling not only frustrated and angry, but sad, frightened, confused, guilty, overwhelmed, and out of control.       -Unsung Lallabies I have always known that I wanted to have my own family one day. When we […]

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“Nervous Breakdown” Was How Postpartum Depression was Described in the 1930’s

Recently, I heard a heart wrenching story from an 80 year old grandmother who shared her story about having a “nervous breakdown” when she answered the question, do you have a history of depression? We discussed how the world has defined “nervous breakdowns” after the birth of a baby. I helped her to redefine her […]

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Doula Revolution: Transforming your Mind, Body and Spirit. Workbook and Journal to Heal your Secondary Trauma and Prevent Burnout

Dr Louis brings a passion in facilitating mental health to mothers and providers of pregnant mothers. Through EMBRACE Therapy, she has developed workshops to educate providers, which includes nurse practitioners, nurses, midwives, Ob/Gyns, primary care physicians, and doulas about perinatal mood disorders and the impact of secondary trauma stress on professional caregivers. The goal of […]

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