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Are you Having Difficulty Communicating with Your Loved One?

A Quick Survey of your Communication Experiences Do you feel relief at the end of the conversation?◊ Yes    ◊No Do you feel that your feelings were validated?◊Yes    ◊No Have you had a conversation with someone and didn’t feel like your were heard/validated?◊Yes    ◊No Have you had a conversation and at the end you […]

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Self-Care for Health Care Professionals

About 10 months ago, I wrote a workbook to help doulas process their compassion fatigue or secondary stress trauma symptoms to prevent burnout.  In the introduction, I discussed how empathic identification is the basis to which a doula or any other related professional connects with their clients. Empathic identification is defined as…soaking up into oneself […]

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What Happens in Therapy?

I employ a client-centered treatment philosophy. There are three fundamental processes that serves as pillars for treatment. The fashion in which the therapeutic process unfolds, greatly depends on the patient’s needs.   Developing trust by developing a “therapeutic alliance/partnership” in which goals for treatment are clearly defined and mutually agreed upon.  The “working through” process is […]

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Is a Life Coach Right for Me?


What is the difference between a life coach and a psychotherapist? I have been asked this question numerous times, so let me take the time to clarify this point. Life coach, personal development coach, career coach, business coach or many other subdivisions is a partnership between a client and a coach to successfully work on […]

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