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A Mother’s Transformative Story of Healing

Guest Blogger I met this powerful warrior mom, a bereavement doula at the Stillbirthday -2016 Homecoming conference, Kearney, Missouri (www.stillbirthday). I had an abortion in 1988 when I was 17.  I lived in a small town, my parents Was well known and they knew everyone.  The day I found out I was pregnant in the […]

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What Happens in Therapy?

I employ a client-centered treatment philosophy. There are three fundamental processes that serves as pillars for treatment. The fashion in which the therapeutic process unfolds, greatly depends on the patient’s needs.   Developing trust by developing a “therapeutic alliance/partnership” in which goals for treatment are clearly defined and mutually agreed upon.  The “working through” process is […]

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What Happens in Group Therapy?

Is group therapy right for me

Although most people have not been exposed to this therapeutic process; it is a very effective form of treatment. When in our darkest hours, the feeling of being the “only one” can be overwhelming and may cause one to fall deeper in despair. In a safe and confidential group setting, there is an common experience […]

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